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by Nina Hargrave •

Mindfulness and Gratitude

I remember years ago having this incredibly mindful moment while being submerge in my swimming pool when my kids were very young. My head, half submerged in the water I could hear the gentle sounds of the water over my ears, with the other more muted sounds in the background. I remember looking at the trees and just watching the leaves moving, I suddenly realised something. “This is what life is all about”, I said to myself. I didn’t know it then but I was practicing mindfulness and also experiencing a feeling of gratitude. Time slowed down during that moment and as I watched the leaves softly swaying in the breeze, my children happily playing together, I felt this appreciation and admiration for this wonderous outside world of energy all around me that I some how suddenly felt more connected to. I am realising now, more than ever, that simply practicing gratitude in the mornings, before getting up out of bed can really impact my mind set and set me up for the day. Doing this every day for a week or more can hugely impact our lives in such positive ways. Practicing gratitude as well as mindfulness and meditation has now become part of my daily rituals. All It takes is just a few minutes each day to get started and just see how your practice and mindset can evolve from this.