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Natural perfume oils

to create your serene moment




Australian Made & Owned


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All Australian natural botanical perfume oils, made with no harsh chemicals - for your self-care routine at home, work or anywhere!

Our nourishing perfume oils are hand-crafted here in Melbourne, Australia. Using natural Australian botanicals and the purest, high grade essential oils, we carefully construct essences that are powerful aromatherapy tools for you to use in any situation that may arise. Our compact suite of evocative aromas can nourish and inspire 5 states of being: Amplify, Aware, Ground, Lift & Rest.  Our Mission has been embedded with our philosophy and is the inspiration to every essence formed: the aim to balance self-care with modern life.  

Discovery Set

Explore the full collection of Serene in a compact set which includes a convenient case to take them everywhere with you.

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Balance & Purpose

The beautiful balance of self care and modern life. Awaken your senses with the luxurious scents of nature designed to lift, calm, awaken, ground and rest. 

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The Art of Self-Care

Allow your self-care ritual to come with you everywhere you go through out your day. To enrich your senses no matter what the situation. 

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I love love love the scents! It’s important to me that the products I use are safe for us and the environment [...] Lift is my go to. It always makes me feel so good and I just love the scent.


The oils help me settle into a routine throughout the day, and sleep better, which in turn help me manage my anxiety much better than other coping mechanisms I have tried so far.

Ceren from @ellobohome

Lift smells so fresh and beautiful as a perfume but it also gives me a little burst of energy when I need it. I take it to work and keep it on my desk for when I need a pick me up. It helps because I don’t drink coffee.