• Checking In with ourselves

    Checking In with ourselves

    What do we think about when we think of our beauty? Are we thinking about our external appearance? Our physical features? Is it important how others perceive us and see us and if so how do we want to be perceived by others. What is beauty? Beauty certainly relates to something that is visually pleasing; it is heavily related to sight but it can be so much deeper. I won’t deny that I do care about the way that I look and I do look in the mirror, but these days when I look in the mirror I am looking...

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  • Application, Embodiment and Intention

    Application, Embodiment and Intention

    Firstly, it is ideal to have all five scents – Lift, Amplify, Aware, Ground and Rest so you can identify how you are feeling in a particular moment in your busy world and find the right scent that will best support you during this time.  One way of identifying and accessing the way we feel is to move our attention away from our often busy mind and into our body. We can do this by simply moving our attention inwards. Tuning into ourselves. Bringing our awareness to our breath, taking a few deep breaths and for extra focus if needed,...

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  • 'Fragrance', the secret scent

    'Fragrance', the secret scent

    The lure and glamour of the beauty industry is intoxicating. Its advertising is highly evocative and there is something so appealing about products that smell and make you feel great, special and expensive. I, like most of us, was captivated from an early age. Most of the time we don’t really care about what’s in our products as long as they do their job, right?
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  • Essential Oils and Emotions – a moment by moment discovery

    Essential Oils and Emotions – a moment by moment discovery

    Essential oil perfumes are different from the conventional type of perfume, no they don’t last as long on your skin, but it's not about smelling good for yourself and for others all day long. It’s about recognising how you are feeling and finding the right scent to support you in that particular moment. Scent plays a vital role in the storage of memory in our brains. It activates the most primitive part of the brain, the olfactory (particular scents can help us to release stored emotions), helping us to process the feelings associated with these stored emotions. This can be...

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  • A better bedtime ritual

    A better bedtime ritual

    Many of us have issues with sleep. It can be hard getting to sleep, we don’t get enough sleep, we wake during the night or have restless sleep.
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  • What are Essential Oils?

    What are Essential Oils?

    From the beginning of early civilisation aromatic plants have been used for their therapeutic benefits.
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