• Crop to bottle

    Crop to bottle

    Essential oils are most commonly extracted using a process called steam distillation.  As it is such an involved process, it requires so many plants to produce a tiny drop of oil. These parts of the plants that are used can be the plants roots, bark, leaves, flowers or fruits depending on which part holds the essential oils. This painstakingly arduous process of extracting essential oils from all the different elements of plants is a process I believe should be respected and valued and It is so important that the plants are not over harvested, meaning that they are harvested in...

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  • Scent and the soul

    Scent and the soul

      For me creating a perfume oil is about a mind body spirit connection. The scent must create a powerful feeling and a sense of embodiment for the wearer. I believe it is a connection to the soul that goes beyond the thinking brain. The process often begins by usually a few ingredients that come to my mind which I think will complement each other nicely, then it is about creating a feeling or an experience. A certain scent may create a feeling of warmth and comfort that may trigger a want or need to retreat or perhaps go inwards....

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  • The power of essential oils

    The power of essential oils

    From the beginning of early civilisation aromatic plants have been used for their therapeutic benefits. Essential oils from the plant seeds, bark, leaves, roots, stems, flowers and fruits have powerful regenerating, protective and immune-strengthening properties. They can help improve your mood, focus your mind and balance your body What do we think about when we think of our beauty? Are we thinking about our external appearance? Our physical features? Is it important how others perceive us and see us and if so how do we want to be perceived by others. What is beauty? Beauty certainly relates to something that...

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  • Create your Serene moment

    Create your Serene moment

    Serene perfume oils are simple to apply – just dab on your pulse points and back of your neck, then breathe deep and enjoy the scent and the harmony it brings. But you can also use the moment to reflect and find your calming centre, soyou start the day positive and relaxed… It is ideal to have all five scents – Lift, Amplify, Aware, Ground and Rest so you can identify how you are feeling in a particular moment in your busy world and find the right scent that will best support you during this time.  One way of identifying...

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  • Fragrance

    'Fragrance', the secret scent

    The lure and glamour of the beauty industry is intoxicating. Its advertising is highly evocative and there is something so appealing about products that smell and make you feel great, special and expensive. I, like most of us, was captivated from an early age. Most of the time we don’t really care about what’s in our products as long as they do their job, right?
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  • Essential Oils and Emotions

    Essential Oils and Emotions – a moment by moment discovery

    Essential oil perfumes are different from the conventional type of perfume, they may absorb quickly into the skin and they may last longer on some people and shorter on others but it's not about smelling good for yourself and for others all day long. It’s about recognising how you are feeling and finding the right scent to support you in that particular moment. Scent plays a vital role in the storage of memory in our brains. It activates the most primitive part of the brain, the olfactory (particular scents can help us to release stored emotions), helping us to process...

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