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A better bedtime ritual

A better bedtime ritual

Many of us have issues with sleep. It can be hard getting to sleep, we don’t get enough sleep, we wake during the night or have restless sleep. The mind takes over and starts wondering at a time when it should to be unwinding and sleeping. There can be many contributing factors including diet, physical exercise and the big one - stress. Meditation is something that I find incredibly helpful, it’s one of the most effective ways of reducing my stress levels and it helps me to feel balanced. I do realise that meditation is not the easiest of practices and it does take a huge amount of discipline to do it regularly. I find that by applying some essential oils to the hands, allowing time to sit and breath in the aroma for a minute or two can alleviate feelings of stress and help to settle the mind and body before going to sleep.

At the end of each day, just before I go to sleep I love to use the REST essential oil perfume. I sit on the side of my bed and using the roll-on apply REST to the soles of my feet, massaging it thoroughly into all areas of my feet. This is one of the most effective ways of using essential oils, because it allows the oil to penetrate into the body through the feet. According to reflexology, the feet represent the whole body. By massaging the oil into the top area of your big toe on the sole of the foot you are also massaging the oil into the body and the brain - this is great because we want our brain to rest. I then apply the roll-on to my pulse points and back of neck, apply to the palms of my hands, taking a few moments to allow the oil to penetrate through my nose and into the limbic system of my brain. Then I position my hands on my knees, with palms facing up, allowing myself to be fully present, aware and receptive, sitting with my back straight for a few minutes, using this time to shift and clear any energy that needs to be moved, in order for me to have a good solid sleep. This is a really nice way to finish the day, of course the longer the meditation the better the results, but even just a few minutes to clear the mind goes a long way and prepares the body for a restful sleep.

I have noticed a significant reduction in mind wondering nonsense since doing this bedtime ritual. Hopefully it will work for you too.




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