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Essential Oils and Emotions – a moment by moment discovery

Essential Oils and Emotions – a moment by moment discovery

Essential oil perfumes are different from the conventional type of perfume, they may absorb quickly into the skin and they may last longer on some people and shorter on others but it's not about smelling good for yourself and for others all day long. It’s about recognising how you are feeling and finding the right scent to support you in that particular moment.

Scent plays a vital role in the storage of memory in our brains. It activates the most primitive part of the brain, the olfactory (particular scents can help us to release stored emotions), helping us to process the feelings associated with these stored emotions. This can be particularly powerful when the smell is a pure scent from the natural world, as opposed to a synthetic fragrance made in a lab. The synthetic fragrance will not have the ability to affect our emotional awareness, nor trigger a message to the brain, or impact our emotional intelligence. The body has specific chemical reactions to various chemical messages, providing an indication as to the emotion that triggered them. So, If the emotion felt in the body is 'stressed' this emotional state may cause the release of extra adrenaline and cortisol, and these substances may trigger physiological reactions in the body such as increased heart rate, changes in breathing, trembling, digestive upset, perspiration and the list goes on. Each person is different and we all react in different ways to stress and to other types of emotions. My point is that the mind-body connection is a powerful one and we need to be aware that our emotions must be given time and space to be processed and not repressed.

Essential oil perfumes are different because they are mood oriented. It's unlikely you will want to wear the same scent all the time because you are not feeling the same all the time. As our feelings change, so does our mood and our essential oil perfume can change with us, supporting us through these momentary shifts of mind and mood.

Reference – Emotions & Essential Oils – A Modern Resource for Healing. Fifth Edition 2016.


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