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Create your Serene moment

Create your Serene moment

Serene perfume oils are simple to apply – just dab on your pulse points and back of your neck, then breathe deep and enjoy the scent and the harmony it brings. But you can also use the moment to reflect and find your calming centre, so
you start the day positive and relaxed…

It is ideal to have all five scents Lift, Amplify, Aware, Ground and Rest so you can identify how you are feeling in a particular moment in your busy world and find the right scent that will best support you during this time. 

One way of identifying and accessing the way we feel is to move our attention away from our often busy mind and into our body.

We can do this by simply moving our attention inwards. Tuning into ourselves. Bringing our awareness to our breath, taking a few deep breaths and for extra focus if needed, slowly counting in for 3 and out for 5 seconds. Noticing how the body is feeling after a few deep breaths. You might like to ask yourself, are there any parts of my body that are calling out for my attention? Take some time and simply notice how your body feels.

Now it is time to choose the right scent for this particular moment. Go with your gut and feel which one you are drawn to and your nose will tell you if it’s the right one for this moment or occasion. Which scent will it be? Lift, Amplify, Aware, Ground or Rest. 

Apply the scent to your pulse points, back of neck and really breath the scent in, allowing it to absorb into all areas of your body and into your brain. When breathing the perfume oil in through your nose and allowing it to gently penetrate through, it may trigger a comforting memory that you hold dearly or perhaps it’s a memory that you can’t quite pin point but it fills you with a warmth and comfort that fills your heart. You may also like to roll your perfume oil over your chakra points - the seven centers in our bodies in which energy flows through, by applying your perfume oil to these energy centers with intention, this can allow the energy fields to open and activate and may help you to feel a greater sense of balance within yourself. You might like to concentrate on one particular area of the body or chakra, I often massage my perfume oils into my heart, throat or third eye chakra. 

Another great way to really embody your essential oil perfumes is to apply them to the soles of your feet. Simply roll the perfume oil all over the soles of your feet and massage in. This is a great way to allow the oils to really infiltrate into all areas of your body through your feet. A perfect way to end the day or to use for ultimate relaxation.

Now it is time to go about the rest of your day or night with a smile on your face, feeling a little bit more connected to yourself and of course smelling amazing.


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