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The power of essential oils

by Nina Hargrave |

From the beginning of early civilisation aromatic plants have been used for their therapeutic benefits. Essential oils from the plant seeds, bark, leaves, roots, stems, flowers and fruits have powerful regenerating, protective and immune-strengthening properties. They can help improve your mood, focus your mind and balance your body.

What do we think about when we think of our beauty? Are we thinking about our external appearance? Our physical features? Is it important how others perceive us and see us and if so how do we want to be perceived by others. What is beauty? Beauty certainly relates to something that is visually pleasing; it is heavily related to sight but it can be so much deeper. I won’t deny that I do care about the way that I look and I do look in the mirror, but these days when I look in the mirror I am looking into myself rather than scanning over myself. I am looking into my own eyes and asking myself questions. How am I going? What am I feeling right now? If I don’t feel that I’m looking good, why is that I wonder?

I encourage all of us particularly as women to acknowledge our feelings and emotions and look more deeply into ourselves and into those around us. To think more intently about the products we use and share with each other and perhaps think about whether the products we use are kind to us and kind to the environment. When we use our products, let’s read the ingredients, use them with purpose and intention and check in with ourselves during our daily routines and rituals.

Our Serene Body Health perfumes are designed with your health in mind. They promote self care and self love. We want you to smell good for yourself but not just smell good. We invite you to connect with yourself and connect with the present moment through the power of natural scent.

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