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Can essential oils really alter our mood?

Can essential oils really alter our mood?

When COVID 19 arrived among us last year one of the early symptoms was a loss of our sense of smell. Usually this was a temporary loss, but it drew our attention to the importance of the olfactory sense and how it can influence the quality of our lives. Someone suggested that if it had been our sense of sight that was affected rather than smell it would have been a different story. We do underestimate our sense of smell.

There has been a lot of research about this over recent years. For example, a Japanese company found that diffusing lemon essential oil throughout the workplace increased production by over 50%. This discovery supported the findings of an Ohio State University study ‘that linked lemon to a rise in norepinephrine, a brain chemical linked to easier decision-making and increased motivation’.
And of course there is the well known smell of a freshly cut lawn, which creates a feeling of well-being in many people. It’s an aroma given off by a chemical in the grass leaves, and has actually been developed into a perfume.
Naturally prepared essential oils draw on the aromas surrounding us in nature as well as recent findings in the neurosciences. Buy good quality products, match them to your moods, and, above all, enjoy them! 

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