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Why we love Honey Suckle

Why we love Honey Suckle

Honey Suckle has a rich and beautifully sweet aroma and is a powerful essential oil that can be used both topically and aromatically on the body to alleviate symptoms on an emotional and physical level.

Known to be packed with antioxidants, this oil has been linked to reducing the occurrence of oxidative stress and lowering free radical levels in the body.

Use honey suckle essential oil as a mood stabilizer and stress reliever by breathing the oil in or apply the oil to your pulse points and temples. The link between aromas and the limbic system is well known, and the sweet, invigorating scent of honeysuckle is known to boost mood and prevent depressive symptoms, so this is a good one to breathe in when your feeling down or just a little flat.

Diffusing honey suckle essential oil into a room will not only sweeten the smell of your space but also neutralize many airborne bacteria or pathogens, helping to keep your surfaces and floors clear of dangerous bacteria. Perhaps not strong enough to kill Covid19! But still a powerful antibacterial.

The potent anti-inflammatory properties of this oil make it ideal for soothing headaches by applying the oil directly to your temples. You can also use a face steamer or a diffuser for the calming benefits and rapid relief from your headache.

These are just some of the reasons why we love honeysuckle and chose to use this essential oil along side other ingredients in our Red Desert Perfume Oil.


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