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Emerging from lockdown

by Nina Hargrave |

Resurfacing? Adjusting? Or simply coming out from the other side of isolation can be a pretty big adjustment.

Emerging from hibernation or adjusting from a whirlwind of work, however it has been for you there is a sense of emerging out and back into the world around us and how do we process what we have been through?

How do we adjust back? Is it about adjusting back or is it about seeing the change that has happened and is happening in the world and within ourselves, acknowledging it and moving with it? Simply moving forward.

I feel it is important that we are gentle with ourselves, no matter what we have experienced over this time, we have experienced unprecedented events during 2020 and the global energies have been intense! to say the least. Whether we see it or feel it, we have grown and we have changed. Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, there is no fear or resistance in the process of evolution, only a forward motion of movement. An awareness, an openness and then expansion.

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