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Scent and the soul

Scent and the soul

For me creating a perfume oil is about a mind body spirit connection. The scent must create a powerful feeling and a sense of embodiment for the wearer. I believe it is a connection to the soul that goes beyond the thinking brain. The process often begins by usually a few ingredients that come to my mind which I think will complement each other nicely, then it is about creating a feeling or an experience. A certain scent may create a feeling of warmth and comfort that may trigger a want or need to retreat or perhaps go inwards. It can sometimes also be a colour that I associate with this scent that encapsulates this feeling, for example the colour gold or yellow. It is warming and soothing on the mind and body and creates a feeling of comfort.

Once I’ve determined this feeling I want to create, then it’s a series of adding, eliminating and balancing aromas and fine tuning the scent with top, middle and base notes. The health benefits of each individual essential oil is of course considered to create powerful combinations, and after choosing the final selection of oils I then carefully craft the blend which I believe may have the power to affect the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the wearer, and when breathed in will infiltrate all parts of the body.  As scent is assessed through the limbic system (the most primitive part of the brain) responsible for the storage and release of memory and emotion, I wonder if smell could be the most spiritual of all the senses and perhaps even a direct link to the soul. If scent can immediately bring a memory, a connected feeling, or emotion to the surface it is clearly powerful for determining how we as humans connect with ourselves, interact with each other and the world around us.

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