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Crop to bottle

by Nina Hargrave |

Essential oils are most commonly extracted using a process called steam distillation.  As it is such an involved process, it requires so many plants to produce a tiny drop of oil. These parts of the plants that are used can be the plants roots, bark, leaves, flowers or fruits depending on which part holds the essential oils. This painstakingly arduous process of extracting essential oils from all the different elements of plants is a process I believe should be respected and valued and It is so important that the plants are not over harvested, meaning that they are harvested in an ethical manor, where the plants health is not compromised due to profit driven demands. This also includes the land and the people which these jobs support. These factors are all considered when choosing the essential oils from the different companies I purchase them from.

I use to practice as a horticulturalist and as a landscape architect so It is an integral part of my mission to pay respect and to honor the land. We are connected to the natural world around us. Nature feeds us. It gives us energy, a sense of balance, oxygen, food, antioxidants and vitamins. It replenishes us. Essential oils are like a pure concentrated dose of plant essence. There is a magical energy inside every single drop. I believe oils tell a story through their powerful scent; we can experience their journey of life from crop to bottle.

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