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To reveal or to mask?

by Nina Hargrave |

Should we go in or should we head out?

What is the ritual or routine that often goes with your perfume? Is it applied just before you walk out the door? Or do you apply and enjoy the sweet smell and let it take you somewhere?  Is this place somewhere you aspire to be or is it a feeling of someone you aspire to be like? There is always a sense of aspiration and dream when ideas of perfume are in our minds. 

What is the feeling and meaning of this ritual?

I sometimes wonder how some products, particularly perfumes are designed to make us feel. The act of applying perfume can sometimes seem a bit like putting on a mask or applying a scented coat of courage. Scent can transport us, so it makes sense that we apply the scent to then go somewhere, and we want to smell good especially if we are going somewhere special. But what if we apply the scent to go within? This could be an unknown territory and perhaps a place we don’t feel comfortable or easy about checking in with and this is understandable. Its hard to make time for ourselves,. and if we don’t do it often enough it can start to feel like a chore and the less we connect with ourselves the further from ourselves we can become.

Could we use scent more as a way of self reflecting and self care instead of self masking?

Going inwards can be confronting because we may not know what we’ll find on this day or another or what will be revealed. But I’m sure you’ll agree that its worth taking the time to investigate within ourselves a little more often and It’s nice to have the support tools on hand to do this. Serene Body Health perfume oils applied directly to the skin or inhaled deeply can be one of those handy little tools in our self care tool kits. 

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