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Working self-care into modern life

Working self-care into modern life

When you purchase a serene perfume oil you are purchasing not just a perfume oil that you can apply to your skin to smell really good, you are also purchasing a self-care tool that you can use to support your emotional health, because when inhaling your perfume oils, you are encouraging the practice of mindfulness and deep breathing.

The benefits of staying grounded throughout the day and night and practicing deep breathing are huge! and these benefits are abundantly available to all of us. We just need to take a few moments to do this regularly and sometimes we need a little reminder to make those moments happen! So we suggest placing your Serene perfume oils throughout your home, perhaps Rest on your bedside table, Ground or Amplify on your work area, Lift in your kitchen and Aware near your yoga, meditation, ritual space or creative space, so you will always be reminded to take those moments for yourself.  You can also take them on the go, keep one in your bag and top up, apply and inhale when you need to.

Deep breathing tells our nervous system that it is safe, there is no threat or emergency and we can now downshift into the parasympathetic nervous system. A more relaxed state, out of fight or flight and into rest and repair. Deep breathing can boost physical and mental energy and help us to release toxins and waste from our thoughts in our mind and in our bodies. Using essential oils combined with deep breathing, can speed this process up, activating the parasympathetic nervous system quicker by breathing the essential oils in through the nostrils. The scent of the oils is inhaled directly and immediately into the limbic system of the brain, the part of the brain connecting us to our emotions and memories, which is why our Serene perfume oils and essential oils in general can really help support us with our emotional health. We can feel special, smell amazing and enjoy an array of health benefits when we practice mindfulness and deep breathing with our Serene perfume oils.


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